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Post by Lakota on Tue Jul 22, 2014 4:37 pm

Hello people I have just recently made a role play forum called Gray Skies I am excited to see new members on this site yet I need to start advertising so here ya go!

Site name: Gray Skies

Site link:

Gray skies is about how scientist found dogs that survived a bomb that let off radiation and began experimenting on them. Yet these dogs were infected with something.. that they call chrome darkness. (Sometimes I put Chromo) This where the dogs go insane and become highly dangerous and unstable. They get symptoms of rabies and mange and become extremely dangerous. Yet the scientist bred those dogs and took the pups yet only to find some had strange mutations. The humans decided to work farther into these mutations by injecting them with steroids and other things such as DNA of other animals. Yet little did they know the dogs began breeding on their own with their partners (Each one had a male/female with them) and infecting their children. When that happened the dogs lashed out as the scientist's tried to lower the population only to find that the dogs were getting stronger and they soon escaped..

They killed everyone and infected many dogs as they bred to raise the population. Yet half of the population that escaped were mutated and passed it on to their children giving them different forms such as three tails or massive size and strength. Many survived without getting infected yet some didn't. yet the weak.. perished since the sickness was to great. Will you enter this world and survive or simply perish like the others?.. FIND OUT WHEN YOU JOIN GRAY SKIES!


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