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Post by Fos on Mon May 20, 2013 9:02 pm


The Leader of the Pack is a fierce canid, who needs a sense of leadership and understanding. He runs the whole pack, and overviews what's going on around the territory, hardly ever staying in one place at one time. Though he may be thoughtful, he rules with a hard fist, and won't underestimate anyone, no matter how small they look. He rations the food of the pack, making sure they have enough to feed everyone when prey is scarce, and keeping an eye on the territory to make sure none of the rogue animals tries to overthrow the pack. He'll always make time to listen to your problem, but he's main strive is for the pack. He won't hesitate to kick you out if you're causing trouble around the territory.

Current Leader: Fos


The Zacals of the Pack must be strong-willed and active, always ready to take on the next move, and be ready for whatever happens in the pack. Along with the task of keeping the other canids in place, they try to keep the pack in order if the Leader is unable to do so. Like the Leader, they share most of the responsibilities he has, just not to the same depth. There are a few Zacals in the pack, to make sure things are running as smooth as they can. They will get the occasional prey if there's not enough food available at a moment's notice, and things of that sort. There is a Lead Zacal, who is the Leader's right-hand-man, who often consults with the head canid. It's not unusual for them to spend a lot of time together, or the Lead Zacal to take place of the Leader when he is gone.

Head Zacal: Hurricane
Zacals: Lucha
**This rank must be earned!


Akinyemi are strong and fierce, usually with large muscles and sharp teeth. They're the warriors of the pack, though not just thugs and absentminded. They have to be in a good physical condition, able to keep their head held high, even if they loose a battle. Akinyemi are almost like knights, royal and prideful, though not snotty. Usually they stay at the edge of the territory, guarding the perimeter and making sure nothing too vile ever comes in. If there is an invasion of the pack's territory, their main job will be to protect the pack members. They also catch some prey on slow days, but usually share it with each other, considering the fact they usually spend days on end at a post. It's not unusual for the Akinyemi to gain a tight friendship with other members of the class, sometimes even forming small cliques. It's not an easy rank to achieve.

Head Akinyemi: N/A ** must be earned
Akinyemi: N/A


The Tsotsi are the pups of the pack, ranging from sizes to ages, they're usually scrawny and have softer fur than the already-mature canids of the pack. The Tsotsi are usually looked after by the Anyana, who are like the parents of the pack. After their first birthday, it's common for the pups to looks for apprentice jobs along side the older wolves, helping them with small tasks and being trained for the job as they work. They're taught by the Anyana how to help the pack with daily tasks, like cleaning around the den and things of that sort. All canids of the pack that are under two years old are Tsotsi, until they come of age, they will stay in the class.

Tsosti: N/A


The Anyana of the pack are kindhearted and simple, choosing to live a life to care for others. Most Anyanas are healers, all of them learning special tricks from the Gamall class, and teaching some of them to the Tsotsi. They have to be patient and understanding, a canid of a short temper wouldn't be good with dealing of this class. Their main job is to look after the young and elderly of the pack, most of their lives shushing the Tsotsi in the den. They don't often leave the center of the territory. The Anyanas also heal anyone who needs it, going on small tasks like finding herbs in the territory or visiting a sickly canid isn't unusual for them. The patience needed for this rank makes it difficult to master, but you won't ever find yourself bored looking after the Gamall or the Tsotsi!

Head Anyana: N/A **must be earned
Anyana: N/A


The Gamall class are usually older canids, most of whom have retired away from their jobs, ready to relax and bathe in the territory. They don't have main jobs, though some do collect prey for the pack, they usually spend their days exploring. The Gamall class is very experienced, passing on some of their teaching to the Anyana and Tsotsi rank. Most want to leave a mark on the territory at that point, so it's not unusual to see this rank helping along side the Zacals and the Leader. They are said to be very wise and helpful, the age eroding a time of peace on their lives. Often being referred to as the wisest canids in all the land, although the elders never really settle for long, they still have a lot of potential in them.

Head Gamall: N/A **must be earned
Gamall: N/A


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