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Roleplay Regulations Empty Roleplay Regulations

Post by Fos on Mon May 20, 2013 10:08 pm

Since we are pretty serious about roleplaying here at APP, it would only be fair to lay down some regulations about the Pack! It's nothing too big, but we need it anyways, in order for everything to go smooth, we have to lay down some things!

*Please note if you are a Pack Friend you CANNOT participate in roleplay or contests and events

  1. When roleplaying (or IC), make sure your posts are at least three sentences. OOC, the post must have a minimum of three words, anything less than that will be considered spam, and deleted from the topic as not to take up room!

  2. Please don't edit a post after you've already posted it! This will make things less confusing. If there's something you didn't address in your last post, you can do it in your next. We don't want to end up having someone reply to your post, only to find you've altered it. **Please note, you can alter typos/grammar/reword something, just don't change anything major about your post, or add major details to it.
    ex. Fos glared up at the sun, snarling at the glare in hiss eyes. He gowls, shaking his head, blink at the ground before swishing his tail and moving on to look for the river. He was in need of water, and he needed it fast.
    good ex. of change: Fos narrowed his eyes at the sky, snarling at the glare hitting his face. He growls, shaking his head and blinking at the ground, giving a small swish of his tail before he walks off, throat dry and bark hoarse. He needed to find the river, or he was going to pass out here in the dry-lands.
    bad ex. of change: Fos smiled at the sky, spinning around it circles as he loved the sunlight hitting his face. He barks happily, sitting on the ground, content where he is. He was perfectly fine, and if he drank anymore water he would drown.

    It might be a slight exaggeration, but I think you get the idea!

  3. Always try to use your best grammar and spelling in the post! Sure, typos get past everyone, and it's okay to edit them, just be sure that your idea is clear with the way you're writing it!

  4. Other regulations might be added soon, depending on the different posts that everyone at APP makes, so be sure to frequent back to this page often!

That's the basic idea! There's also a Roleplay Help service (located here!) that you can use. It's a good way to practice roleplay and gain some roleplay skills, I would recommend trying it before you start roleplaying. Good luck!

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